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Here is how to do Electroplating at home: Electroplating is the process of coating metal objects with a different metal, and it can be easily done at home.  The process is basically passing an electric current through a solution of electrolytes that allows for the transfer of metal ions from the donor metal to the recipient metal It requires: some muriatic acid 1x power supply 2x alligator clips 1x container Protective gear Detergent / Dish soap, vinegar and baking soda (For cleaning the metal object) Important: Dealing with acids and other chemicals can be dangerous, it is definitely safe to wear protective eye goggles, gloves, and some sort of that clothes that you don’t mind ruining if something splashes. Step 1: Cleaning the metal surface: To get a proper electroplated coat, the surface of your metal object must be very clean, rust/ grease / oil-free. Start with a degreaser such as a detergent (dish soap) and then scrub the metal with an abrasive, acidic cleaner to ensure the surf